5th generation native of Caldwell County, NC

Sarah works full-time as a child and education advocate and private consultant at the local, state, and national levels. A fierce voice for advocacy and proven results-oriented leader within all levels of government with varied experience in Federal and State Legislative child and education advocacy. Proven record for helping to advance legislation and positive public policy for both children and the education system. Legislators highly respect her both in Washington D.C and Raleigh for her tireless and unrelenting dedication to the cause of ensuring the advancing of policies that will make a lasting impact for generations to come. She's known for her positive work ethic and professional demeanor, along with superb communication and influencing skills. Sarah is a noted up-and-comer within the advocacy and government world. She has been noted by state and federal government officials because of her consistent achievement with intended results.

Sarah Greer Koenig, 40, is a 5th generation native of Caldwell County, North Carolina. Her husband, Michael, is a business owner and an award-winning regional nature photographer. She and Michael have two children, Norah (15) and Noah (14), who are both enrolled in Caldwell County Schools.

She is the daughter of former Caldwell County Magistrate, the late Robert "Buck" Greer, and Marzetta Hayes Greer. Sarah is a proud product of the Caldwell County School system, having attended West Lenoir Elementary, William Lenoir Middle, and graduating from West Caldwell High School. After Sarah and Mike were married in 2005, they decided that Sarah's hometown of Caldwell County was precisely the type of community where they wanted to start their life together and begin a family.

Sarah formerly worked in the healthcare sector before becoming a mother. However, realizing the importance of being with her children full-time if possible, she and her husband decided that, if at all possible, that it was important for Sarah to be able to take on the role of staying home full-time with their children during their early development and most formative years. It was on pure faith, hope, and prayers that Sarah placed her career on hold to take on what she says is "the most important job I'll ever have, being a mom." Shortly following their daughter's birth, the Lord blessed their family once again with their son, who was born 3 months premature. Thus Sarah ended her healthcare career to focus on what she calls the "most important job, being a mom."

Sarah felt that it was necessary to show others and especially her own children, that learning never stops no matter one's age. Therefore, Sarah returned to college to attain another degree in a vastly different area than she attained after graduating high school. She is presently finishing up her B.A. in Political Science with a Concentration In Public Policy.

Sarah credits her Christain upbringing and her parents for instilling in her solid hometown values, starting from when she could walk. Some of those include the importance of having a good work ethic, strong character, good morals, having a giving heart, showing fairness, speaking up when you feel something isn't right and when someone is treated wrongly. But, the most important one she says is, "always remembering that as humans, we are all flawed and deserve grace, and we should give that same grace to others."

After her children entered school, Sarah slowly began dipping her toes into volunteering within the school system and various community outreach programs. Sarah strives to serve in roles that enhance and nurture the children in her community. Sarah began serving the Guardian Ad Litem Program for the 25th Judicial District as a child advocate in the court systems as a voice for the children in Caldwell and surrounding counties; she continues her work to advocate for children and youth in the system. Sarah has also served her community in numerous ways, in programs, committees, and volunteer positions within Caldwell County Schools.

While her focus is primarily within the legislative sector, she is also heavily involved at the grassroots level. Sarah has previously worked and served on numerous committees and panels for NCDPI. She is currently a member of the North Carolina Department of Instruction - Professional Educator Preparation and Standards Commission (PEPSC) on the Teacher Licensure subcommittee. The Commission's purpose is as an advising body to the North Carolina State Board of Education (SBE). In addition, Sarah is involved and a member of numerous civic organizations in her local area, statewide and national, including Foothills Kids (Vice-President / Bylaws Committee/Board Member, National PTA, NCPTA, NCAE, Caldwell County Rotary-Impact Club, and NCA.

She has been involved with the PTA organization for over 15 years and has served in numerous positions at various levels, including local, county, and state. Her roles have included serving as chairperson of multiple committees, Volunteer Coordinator, Secretary, Vice-President, and two years ago as a member of the NCPTA Governance Committee and former Special Education Inclusion Co-Chair. Additionally, she serves the Caldwell County PTA Council as Vice President-Elect and as a volunteer coordinator advisor.

In addition, her involvement in leadership with the North Carolina Congress of Parents and Teachers has spanned well over 15 years. Presently, she serves at the National level on the National PTA Legislation Committee and as the Federal Legislative Chair Liaison for all of Europe, Maryland, Florida, (US) Virgin Islands, Vermont, and New Mexico. At the State level, she serves as a Director on the State NCPTA Board. She is also the State Advocacy Chair and State Legislative Chair, which she says that she says that the work is exceptionally gratifying. However, her primary role is being in charge of all of the State Legislative Affairs work for North Carolina PTA. That entails overseeing the setting of the NCPTA State Advocacy Priorities, working daily with lobbyists, and meeting and speaking with our State and Federally elected officials.

Sarah characterizes herself as a "Full-time Advocate who fights for every child with the fierceness and unrelenting spirit of a Mother." You will often hear Sarah say, "Advocate like a Mother," as she believes if everyone would advocate for every child with the same determination that a Mother does for their own child, then one could only begin to imagine the significant impact to children and just how brighter their futures would become.

She says, "The job of true grassroots advocacy comes with no money or a paycheck," but she states that she is "gifted with the satisfaction" she feels when helping others and that" her heart fills with joy from being richly blessed from the work she does."

Sarah is eager to share her passion for advocating for children and education, especially for the children and education system here in Caldwell County and across North Carolina. She hopes to help implement strategies that will continue to engage parents, educators, and community members and also advocate as a voice for all children.